Ducks Unlimited National Cup Program
The only cup program endorsed by DU - National
 Turn your cup expense into a profit maker -

Fund Raising Potential: $500 - $1500

Brief Descriptions:

  • Use the Ducks Unlimited drink cup as a raffle ticket
  • Sell the DU cups at the bar

Both ways are fun and give the patron something to carry home.

Items Needed:

  • DU Cups
  • Permanent Magic Marker
  • Numbered tickets –or- 2-part theater tickets
  • One committee member during front door check in
  • Cup raffle ticket bucket


The object is to capitalize on what usually is a “dead” expense. Rather than using the cups as giveaways just for beverages, use cups as you would raffle tickets. Upon entry to the event, a patron has the opportunity to purchase a “Raffle Cup”. Each cup has been pre-numbered on the bottom -OR- you can use two part numbered tickets giving the patron half with the cup and depositing the other half in a Cup-Raffle bucket.

When a patron buys the “Raffle Cup”, usually for $5.00 dollars (depending on the value of the prize), the committee member explains the number on the bottom of the cup (or the ticket number) corresponds to a ticket in the Cup-Raffle bucket. Next, explain that their number enters them into a chance of winning one of the event raffles (It’s only paper to us but has real value to the customer). If you don’t want to number the cups, use theater tickets. Tear them in half, put half in the Cup-Raffle bucket and give half to the patron.

Almost always everyone attending will buy a cup. You do the math…You can raise a lot of “bucks for ducks” in the first 30 minutes of the event without much effort. That’s $5.00 for every raffle-cup sold. One case of cups can bring in $1,250!

Most people will use the purchased cup for their beverage. For those who do not, have a supply of donated beer cups at the bar.

Another simple way to use the cups to generate revenue is to sell cups at the bar for $1.00 each. Again, for those who do not want to buy, have a supply of donated beer cups. You will re-coup your cup cost AND bring in additional funds with very little effort. Your cup cost is less than 50¢ each; your cup revenue is $1.00 per cup.

Expecting less than a case (250) of members at your event? We now offer half-cases with 125 cups. If that's still too many, use the extra sleeves on your raffle, as auction items, or as door prizes. You'll be surprised - everyone seems to love using official DU "glassware" at home. After all, they are dishwasher-safe and don't break when the dog catches it with his tail!

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